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Webinar Library

Long Term Care Planning


John Litscher and Kevin Mohr discuss the basics of long term care planning and different types of policies that are available and things to consider when thinking about applying for a policy.

Travel in a Post-COVID World


Our guest host, Kelly White of Royal Travel, discussed: Top destinations and what’s HOT right now, what is open now vs. opening soon, Covid-19, vaccines and travel, money saving travel tips and why use a Travel Advisor.

Social Security and Retirement


Kevin Mohr and John Litscher give a brief market update and then discuss all things Social Security and things to consider when looking at retirement.

Retire on Purpose


Many retirees feel a "sugar rush" of excitement early in retirement only to be followed by a crash of boredom.  John Litscher and Kevin Mohr cover the emotional shifts experienced in retirement and uncovering the power of purpose.

Tax Planning


John Litscher and Kevin Mohr cover some of the basics on how taxes work, some things you might not realize are impacting your tax bill each year, and ways you can potentially limit your lifetime tax bill.

The Election and the Markets


Just ahead of the 2020 Election, John Litscher and Kevin Mohr present on the impact elections have had on the markets throughout history.

Cyber Security Tips from Robert Geary


Robert Gear is the Director of Information Security-Distribution at Lincoln Financial Group. Robert speaks about cyber security threats, advancements in cyber security, and ways to keep your information more secure, as our environment grows more and more virtual.

Healthful Living with Kirsten Hastings


Kirsten Hastings is a Registered Nurse and a Certified Health Coach at Advocate Aurora Health. She shares helpful ways we can live a healthy lifestyle and some tips and strategies on starting a journey towards a more healthful approach to life.

Estate Planning: It's Estate of Mind with Attorney Tim Sugar


Tim Sugar is an attorney at Neider and Boucher and concentrates in the area of trust and estate planning, probate, trust administration and fiduciary law. Tim covers the estate planning process and gave a brief overview on some of the tools you have available when it comes to estate planning.

Forward Dane: Dane County's COVID-19 Reopening Plan


John Hausbeck is part of the Public Health Department for Dane County and spoke about Forward Dane - the County's plan to reopen amidst the back drop of COVID19.  He covers regulations in place for each of the phases of reopening as well as, the metrics that are guiding the decision-making process. 

Emotional Wellness with Jennifer Worley


Jennifer is a Licensed Professional Counselor at UW-Health in the Behavioral Health Clinic.  She discusses emotional health and techniques and activities you can do to help with anxiety- especially during these isolating times amid the COVID-19 pandemic.